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Web Page Design Pricing

A basic web page layout includes a banner (or header), tag lines at the bottom of the web page, navigation buttons and links to other pages.  Each page is intentionally similar, so it's easily recognized and easy to navigate.  The navigation links and buttons will help direct the viewer to the page that is of most interest.  It's important for each page to have an organized layout with information that's easy to locate.

For each website, the first web page is priced at $299.00 and includes a header, up to 10 pictures and 10 navigation links or buttons.  A domain name is also included or we can use an existing name supplied by you-a domain name is the "www" name used to find a website, such as  Free web hosting is also included.  We only use web hosting companies that are reliable and trustworthy.

A word about mobile devices.  Today the trend is toward creating websites with changing content.  They resize portions of the page (instead of the entire page) when displayed on a mobile device.  Responsive Website Design or (RWD) may not be necessary for your website design.  RWD sites are considerably more expensive to design and are not normally included in any price quotation.  RWD is an add on that can cost many times the original price.

Additional features can be added to your website such as:  pop-up windows, cascading menus, mouse hover effects, etc.  Here is a complete list of features and their prices:

Feature                Price       Description

First Page $299.00
 A website's first page / or a one page website.

Each Additional Page
 Each additional page added to a website.

Mouse Hover Effects
 Per page. Maximum 15 items per page.

Mouse Active Link Effects
 Per page. Maximum 15 items per page.

User Input Forms
 Price varies based on the complexity of the form.

 Per page.

Transparency/Opacity $50.00
 Per page.  Maximum 15 items per page.

Raised Capital Letters
 Per page.  Maximum 15 items per page.

Dropped Capital Letters
 Per page.  Maximum 15 items per page.

Cascading Menus
 Each menu.  Price varies based on the complexity of the menu.

Slideshow $275.00
 Per slideshow-up to 25 pictures per show.

Virtual Tour
 Each tour-customer must provide the images.  

List Marker Images
 Per page.

iFrame Element
 Each inserted iFrame element.

Embedded Fonts
 Each font style.

Rounded Corners
 Each set of unique corners.

Links to other websites
 Per link.

Links to Shopping Carts
 Varies due to third party fees and other factors.

Hidden Elements
 Per hidden item. For example, a picture that appears only when hovering.

Text Boxes
 Per text box.

Favicon Icons
 For each unique favicon.

Pop-up Windows
 Each pop-up window.

Modal Windows
 Each modal window.

Embedded Flash Animation
 Each embedded item.  Customer must provide content.

Responsive Website Design
 Cost increases from 4 to 10 times the original cost.

We can also create chart and graphs.

  • Javascript
    • We avoid using Javascript, especially when there is another more accepted way to achieve the same or a similar result. Some browsers (such as Internet Explorer) can be set to block Javascript Commands which will cause your website to display improperly-pop-up pictures that remain open in the new window are an example of Javascript.
  • Flash and Animation
    • Not all devices (specifically some smart phones) support flash.  Search engines do read text but cannot read flash content.  We prefer to avoid using flash content on the main page.
  • Complicated Web Pages with Special Effects
    • We strive to keep your web page simple and easy to navigate.  Complicated web pages show off the website developers talent, but can cause a visitor to feel they've reached a page that is "over their head".  When a visitor has trouble navigating a page, they will likely move on to another less complicated web page.  Take note that this site is simple and easy to navigate.

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