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Web Page Design Options

A basic web page layout includes a banner (or header), tag lines at the bottom of the web page, navigation buttons and links to other pages.  Each page is intentionally similar, so it's easily recognized and easy to navigate.  The navigation links and buttons will help direct the viewer to the page that is of most interest.  It's important for each page to have an organized layout with information that's easy to locate.

For each website, the first web page is priced at $299.00 and includes a header, up to 10 pictures and 10 navigation links or buttons.  A domain name is also included or we can use an existing name supplied by you-a domain name is the "www" name used to find a website, such as  Free web hosting is also included.  We only use web hosting companies that are reliable and trustworthy.

A word about mobile devices.  Today the trend is toward creating websites with changing content.  They resize portions of the page (instead of the entire page) when displayed on a mobile device.  Responsive Website Design or (RWD) may not be necessary for your website design.  RWD sites are considerably more expensive to design and are not normally included in any price quotation.  RWD is an add on that can cost many times the original price.

Additional features can be added to your website such as:  pop-up windows, cascading menus, mouse hover effects, etc.  Here is a complete list of features and a detailed description of the feature:

 Feature                     Detailed Description

First Page 
Either a one page website with pictures and links or the first page of a multi page website.

Each Additional Page
For multi page websites, additional pages will have different content, so the visitor can easily find exactly what they want such as: contact information, product information, etc.  

Mouse Hover Effects
When a mouse hovers over text, a picture or a link; the text or image can pop up, expand, change color, change size, etc. 

Mouse Active Link Effects
When a mouse clicks on a link it becomes an active item.  Text, images, etc; can pop up, expand, change color, change size, etc. 

User Input Forms
Customers can request more information about your products or services via a form.  You can also gather information about your customer.  Images and scanned documents can be uploaded and emailed to you by your customer .

Borders can be solid, dashed, dotted, etc.  They can be placed around pictures or text.  They can also help separate sections of your web page.

Transparency/Opacity Transparency and Opacity can be used to "grey out" certain elements of a web page or allow a "see through" effect.  

Raised Capital Letters
Raised capital letters provide accentuation to the beginning of a paragraph of information.  The first letter is larger than the subsequent letters and is "raised" above the rest of the sentence. 

Dropped Capital Letters
Dropped capital letters are even on top with the rest of the text.  Since the first letter is larger than the rest of the text, subsequent lines will "wrap around" the larger first letter.  Many articles and books will begin a paragraph with a dropped capital letter. 

Cascading Menus
Cascading Menus provide additional menu choices when hovered over.  The additional choices can "pop out" either horizontally or vertically.  

Slideshow A slideshow can be of any size and can be placed anywhere on the web page or can pop up in a new window.  Text and music can also be added to a slideshow.  

Virtual Tour
A virtual tour can be inserted anywhere in a web page.  Customer must provide the pictures to be included in the tour.

List Marker Images
List Marker Images are small pictures that replace a dot, arrow, circle or other list marker.  As the name implies, an image is used to replace the standard list bullet.  

iFrame Element
iFrame elements are excerpts from other web pages that are included in your web page.  A frame is created.  Within the frame is the content from the other web page. 

Embedded Fonts
Embedded Fonts are fonts that are not normally found on a visitor's computer. We program your website to integrate a font style as part of the web page. 

Rounded Corners
Rounder Corners can be added to an entire web page or panels within a web page.  

Links to other websites
Links to other websites can be important to help rank your web page with search engines.  You will also help the ranking of the sites you link to.  Sites that link to you are called  "back links".  The more back links you have, the higher your web page will rank with search engines.  

Link to a Shopping Cart
Link to a Shopping Cart allows your viewer to purchase items by sending them to a partner web hosting company that includes your items for sale.  Once a visitor has made their purchase they will be sent back to your main web site.  The transition is seamless because the visitor never realizes they left your site to make the purchase. 

Hidden Elements
Hidden elements are items that are present on the web page but the visitor can't see the item.  Hidden items can be made visible under certain conditions such as clicking, scrolling across a section of the page, etc.  

Text Boxes
Text boxes are normally used to insert a large amount of readable text into a smaller area.  Normally the text would take up much space on the web page.  A Text Box will allow the visitor to scroll down and see the entire available content.  

Favicon Icons
Favicons are small pictures or icons that are found in the web browser address bar.  A logo or small image is normally used to help identify to visitors that they have reached the correct web page.  

Pop-up Windows
Pop-up windows are normally used when more information is required or a larger picture is needed.  Pop-up Windows can also display hidden elements when an action is taken such as mouse click or hover.  

Modal Windows
Modal Windows are windows that appear in front of the current web page.  The window must be dismissed before you can return to the main web page.  Modal Windows are normally used to require a password or other information before you are allowed to continue viewing and interacting with the current web page.

Embedded Flash Animation
Embedded Flash Animation is typically used to display a movie or other dynamic data.  Typically a section of the web page is reserved and then embedded with the flash content. Customer must provide the flash content.  

Responsive Website Design
(RWD) - mobile devices
Mobile Devices will display a website accurately but sized to the width and length of the viewing area.  In most cases, this is perfectly suitable as the user can expand an area manually as needed.  Responsive Websites Designs will move and change sections of the website to better fit the mobile device.  While it can certainly improve the user's experience, the cost to create a RWD website is substantially higher. 

We can also create chart and graphs.

  • Javascript
    • We avoid using Javascript, especially when there is another more accepted way to achieve the same or a similar result. Some browsers (such as Internet Explorer) can be set to block Javascript Commands which will cause your website to display improperly-pop-up pictures that remain open in the new window are an example of Javascript.
  • Flash and Animation
    • Not all devices (specifically some smart phones) support flash.  Search engines do read text but cannot read flash content.  We prefer to avoid using flash content on the main page.
  • Complicated Web Pages with Special Effects
    • We strive to keep your web page simple and easy to navigate.  Complicated web pages show off the website developers talent, but can cause a visitor to feel they've reached a page that is "over their head".  When a visitor has trouble navigating a page, they will likely move on to another less complicated web page.  Take note that this site is simple and easy to navigate.

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