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"Quality Web Page Design at a Frugal Price''
Do you need a website but don't know where to start?  Let us help!

Man pondering web page design.Our specialty is transforming your ideas into a professionally designed web page that really works!  The success of your business depends on whether or not your customers see a good fit for their needs.  Put your best foot forward.  A well designed website will turn prospects into customers.  Don't leave one of the most important communication and marketing tools for your business in the hands of an amateur.

Common Myths 
  • Websites are expensive.
    • Not True! Check out our low cost pricing.  Prices start at $299.00 for an eye-catching one page website that includes: pictures, links, text and contact information for your business.  Click HERE to see an example.

  • Uncle Fred can make a website for free.
    • No offense to Uncle Fred, but does he really understand how to minimize page loading times, insure cross browser support and enhance search engine rankings?

  • We don't need a website.
    • True, if you are happy with your current level of business.  Many business rely solely on their website to generate productive sales.  A properly designed and placed website will increase your sales.

Common Questions 
  • How do I get started?
    • Complete and submit a Website Request Form.  We will contact
    • you to discuss your ideas.  Any pictures, brochures, and other materials (such as a business card) will be helpful.

  • Will my ideas be considered & included?
    • You are the most important ingredient during the design process.  Your input will help make the site uniquely your own.  We'll handle the technical aspects to insure it's a success.

  • Do I get to pick the web address?
    • Choose any available web address.  We'll purchase it and make it yours.  It's a good idea to provide several options just in case your first choice is already taken.
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Web Pages Include Hosting+Domain Name
Designing a website is only one of our services. We also purchase your domain name for one year and provide web hosting on a free web server.  All for only $299.00. That means - NO MONTHLY FEES FOR WEB HOSTING!
 Dare to Compare Our Services
There are no required ongoing fees for website maintenance.  Our goal is to create an attractive and effective website, then "hand you the keys".   We believe you should control your own destiny. That includes controlling your website content.

We'll show you how to make "on-the-fly" changes to text and pictures so you can change the website content as needed and in effect be your own webmaster. Once the website has been published and paid in full, it's yours with no strings attached. No catch. No kidding.

Need more than a one page website?  We have reasonable rates for multiple page websites.  Click here to check out our inexpensive, reasonable pricing.

 Reasonable Financing Is Available 
Success in today's market requires a web presence. Even a small one page website will get noticed!  We'll get started on your website for as little as $99.00 down.  Our pay-as-you-go plan provides the flexibility to add more pages and features as your budget allows.  Best of all, there is no credit check and everyone is approved...we don't need any personal information such as Social Security Number, date of birth, etc.

 Website Maintenance

For those that prefer to have a professional maintain their website, we do offer monthly and annual maintenance contracts.  Reasonable rates include minor website changes such as text, pictures and links.  Major changes or the addition of special features may result in extra fees.
 The Next Move Is Yours 
Don't put it off any longer!  Contact us today to get started.  Even if your not exactly sure what you need, that's ok.  We can work with a very rough idea-your vision-of the website.  Complete and submit a website request form-found on the Order Page.  There is no obligation and we won't "hound" you to make a purchase-we're busy most of the time!  In fact, we don't have a sales department.  We are web page designers, not salesmen.
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